Hearing Aid Compatibility: Choosing A Cell Phone That Works For You

Part 4

Beginning Your Search For The Right Wireless Device

In This Video:

Knowing What To Tell The Sales Associate

Determining A Carrier Or Service Provider’s Return Or Exchange Policy

Determining Which Hac Rating To Look For

Looking For Hac Ratings On Display Cards

[CONRAD ASHERTON]  Well, hello.

[ERICA LAMONT] I've seen you looking at all of our phones. Is there anything I can help you with?

[CONRAD ASHERTON] Yes, I'm actually here to purchase a phone today.  There certainly is a wide variety available. 

[ERICA LAMONT] There sure are. Were you looking for anything in particular?

[CONRAD ASHERTON] Yes, definitely. It has to be hearing aid compatible.

[ERICA LAMONT] Well we have a wide variety of HAC phones available. I can show you all the models and you can try it out while you're here in the store.

[CONRAD ASHERTON]  Okay, now if I find a phone that works out real well here in the store, can I take it home, put it through its paces, and if I'm not completely satisfied return it without cost?

[ERICA LAMONT] Absolutely, most company owned stores, including ours, provide a return policy where you can take it home and try it out. Our policy is you can try the phone for up to 30 days and bring it back without penalty. Now if you go somewhere else, you've got to check their policy because it may or may not be the same.

[CONRAD ASHERTON] That seems reasonable. Let's look at some phones.

[ERICA LAMONT] Most definitely. First, do you prefer using your hearing aid in the Microphone Mode or the Telecoil mode?

[CONRAD ASHERTON] I prefer the Telecoil mode when I speak on the phone. 

[ERICA LAMONT] Okay, do you have a physical switch on yours? Or does it automatically switch to T-coil when you put the phone up to your ear. 

[CONRAD ASHERTON] I have the actual physical switch.

[ERICA LAMONT] Hmmm, we're going to look for phones that carry a "T" rating. Hearing aid compatible phones are going to be indicated on the card stock next to the display of the phone. Here's one information card and this is the symbol you should look for.

[CONRAD ASHERTON] I'm familiar with that symbol. I consulted my hearing healthcare professional before hand on what I should be aware of before coming here.

[ERICA LAMONT] That's great. Now, this particular cell phone is what we call a "clamshell". It should offer you reduced interference. 

[CONRAD ASHERTON] Because of the separation from the speaker and the rest of the electronics.

[ERICA LAMONT] That's right. You're making my job easy. Let me run to the back and get the phone so you can try it out.

[CONRAD ASHERTON] I found some more models that are marked hearing aid compatible. Now, are HAC phones more expensive than non-compliant phones?

[ERICA LAMONT] Well, HAC phones are offered in a range of price points to meet your communication needs. Now, remember, even though a phone is NOT labeled as HAC it doesn't mean that it will NOT work for you. Though, I do recommend that we try all the labeled HAC phones first.