Hearing Aid Compatibility: Choosing A Cell Phone That Works For You

Part 5

Testing Your New Cell Phone

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Testing Your Phone In-Store

Testing Helpful Accessories

Testing Your New Phone At Home

[ERICA LAMONT] If you give me your list I'll go get those phones. Here, try this one.  It's ready to go. Make sure to switch your hearing aid to "Telecoil". Just dial our customer service number and tell them you are trying out the phone with your hearing aid. 

[CONRAD ASHERTON] This one didn't work for me at all.

[ERICA LAMONT] What was the problem?

[CONRAD ASHERTON] So much interference, so much buzzing I couldn't even hear the person on the other line. 

[ERICA LAMONT] Trying to find a compatible phone is really such a personal choice. Every hearing aid user's experience is going to be a little bit different. Here's the next one. Why don't you try this one.  It's a "candy bar" style. Even though "clamshell" designs might provide better performance, you may find that this one works great for you. 

[CONRAD ASHERTON] And what is this one rated?

[ERICA LAMONT] It's labeled "M3" "T3"

[CONRAD ASHERTON] Yes, customer service. I am trying this phone with my hearing aids. Thank you.

[ERICA LAMONT] Did that one work better for you?

[CONRAD ASHERTON] This one was a huge improvement over the previous one, but I still heard the faintest buzz. After I check this one's voicemail volume level I would like to see if another model might work better. 

[ERICA LAMONT] Yes, you might find that there are degrees to the level of interference you might encounter. Some may be louder than others. Okay, so to access the voicemail just select this button and press "voicemail".

[CONRAD ASHERTON] But I'd like to try another one for comparison.

[ERICA LAMONT] Sure. Here you go.

[CONRAD ASHERTON] This one is rated "T4".

[ERICA LAMONT] Yes, it is. Give it a try.

[CONRAD ASHERTON] Hello, customer service...yes...I'm trying this phone with my hearing aids.   Thank you.

[CONRAD ASHERTON] This one has worked the best by far. I'd like try voicemail on this one now.

[ERICA LAMONT] Okay.  So, to access voicemail just press this button and select voicemail.

[CONRAD ASHERTON] Voicemail worked great and the volume level wasn't even on the highest setting. Can you show me the different ring tones? I want to make sure I'm able to hear the phone ringing. 

[CONRAD ASHERTON] I can barely hear that one. Let's try another one.

[CONRAD ASHERTON] Yes, that one I can hear. Can we try the vibrating mode? 

[ERICA LAMONT] Sure, of course. Put the phone in your pocket first.

[CONRAD ASHERTON] Erica, I think we have found my phone.

[ERICA LAMONT] Yes, I think this one will suit your needs very well. Are you aware of a technology called Bluetooth?

[CONRAD ASHERTON] My audiologist recommended I look into accessories with Bluetooth, as well as an induction coil loop if I had any difficulty finding a compatible phone. I think based on my trials here today I'll take this phone home and put it through its paces during the trial period. I can always come back and try those different options.

[ERICA LAMONT] Absolutely, if this is the phone you have found that works best for you, let's head to the register. Keep in mind, you may experience more interference in other locations, so be sure to try the places you are likely to use your phone in time to return the handset without penalty.

[CONRAD ASHERTON] Erica, thank you so much for helping me select this phone. You have been extremely helpful.

[ERICA LAMONT] It's been my pleasure. Here is my card. Should you have any questions what-so-ever,

[CONRAD ASHERTON] I certainly will. Thanks very much. Goodbye.

[ERICA LAMONT]  Bye bye.

[CONRAD ASHERTON]  Hi Dr. Halter, this is Conrad Asherton.  I just wanted to leave you a message.  Thanks very much for giving me the inside scoop on hearing aid compatible cell phones.  I'm speaking to you now on my new cell phone.  And there is no interference.  It has a rating of a T4.  So with my hearing aids, I have a combined rating of a T7.  Everything seems to be working just great and I'll be sure to pass along all your wonderful tips to all my friends who wear hearing aids.  Thanks again for your help.  Good bye.