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August 22, 2019

Celebrating Older Americans Living Digitally-Connected Lives


    Celebrating Older Americans Living Digitally-Connected Lives


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    Wireless technology has never been more central to our daily lives and how we connect with the world around us. That’s true for people of all ages. We are seeing more seniors embracing wireless technology and living digitally-connected lives. In recognition of National Senior Citizens Day this week, let’s explore some of the ways wireless is empowering older Americans.

    Seniors are using wireless devices and mobile apps to live independently, work and engage in their communities, and stay connected with loved ones. A wide range of accessibility services and solutions have helped reduce barriers to mobile adoption for consumers with differing needs, such as mobility limitations and hearing or vision loss. There are more options than ever before for wireless devices that have built-in accessibility features such as hearing aid compatibility.

    • Voice-activated technologies like Apple’s Siri, Samsung’s Bixby and Google Assistant – which have become nearly universal in wireless handsets – make it easier for seniors to take advantage of a mobile device’s capabilities beyond the phone screen by connecting to other devices and home appliances.
    • Being able to access critical information, call for help and stay connected with loved ones in times of emergency is essential for seniors who live independently. When hurricanes, tropical storms, wildfires or other disasters strike, wireless is a critical lifeline. Learn how America’s wireless industry works to protect us before, during and after natural disasters strike and what you can do to prepare yourself in case of emergency.
    • Sectors like, healthcare, transportation and public safety will be transformed with next-generation wireless and 5G-powered technology. Americans aging in place can benefit from new opportunities such as 5G connected self-driving cars that can reduce transportation obstacles and improved access to medical care.
    • Additional wireless industry resources and educational programs can help seniors feel more confident in using their mobile devices. Whether it’s understanding how to protect yourself against unwanted robocalls or learning the basics of how to use a cell phone, there are lots of trusted resources available for wireless consumers of all abilities. Consumers can also ask their providers about the tools and services they offer.

    80 percent of seniors recognize the importance of having a cellphone that provides basic connectivity in our mobile-focused society. Wireless is the future for all consumers, and the wireless industry is proud to provide services that enhance the lives of seniors.

    Resources for Seniors

    AccessWireless has information available for seniors looking for wireless resources.

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