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Hundreds of thousands of U.S. service members transition from the military back to civilian life each year, and the wireless industry wants to support our veterans as they return home and throughout their lives. Wireless resources are available to help veterans of all ages stay connected, access the care they need and navigate specific tools for unique physical and/or cognitive impairments or disabilities. has compiled information on this page for veterans to learn how to make wireless best work for their individual needs.

Military Discounts and Services

The wireless industry recognizes the service and sacrifice of active duty and retired members of the U.S. Armed Forces, and offers several wireless plans and programs to keep veterans and military families connected. Many wireless carriers also offer mobile services and solutions to support transition back into civilian life.

Consider some of these discounts and services that are available for veterans. Click on the links below:

Additional Resources

If you already have a phone or tablet and are looking for specific accessibility features on your device, the settings menu is always a good place to start. In the settings menu, you can explore the different features available to you and adapt the settings to fit your individual needs.

There may also be apps or other accessibility solutions that can provide additional functionality through your wireless device. For more information on specific accessibility features and resources, click on the buttons below:

If you’re looking to use your phone or tablet to access and stay connected to your care, check out the programs and apps offered by the VA:

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